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  • 1. What is Teak?
    Authentic Teak (scientific genus Tectona) is a tropical hardwood tree native to the south and southeast of Asia. They are particularly valued for its durability and water resistance, and is extensively used for boat building, exterior construction, veneer, furniture, carving, turnings, and other small wood projects. They are large trees, with Tectona grandis reaching 40 meters in height. The central heartwood is yellowish in color and progressively darkens with ages. The outer sapwood is whitish to pale yellowish brown in color. All in all, the wood texture is hard and ring porous and the density varies according to moisture content, 660 kg/m3 at 15%. They can live for a hundred years and items crafted from solid teak can last more than a hundred years.
  • 2. What makes Teak unique?
    Teak has natural oils that make it useful in exposed locations and renders the timber termite and pest resistant. This resinous oil also renders teak highly water resistant as evidenced by it being a highly sought after boat building and yacht decking material. It is also extensively used in resorts and outdoor pools. The tight grains of the wood also render the lumber a natural fire retardant. Teak is relatively durable even when not treated with oil or varnish. However, wood reinforcement by reapplication of teak oil is strongly advised in outdoor settings as teak as repeated sun and rain exposure can wash off the natural teak resins on the outer wood surface and age the wood to silvery gray. On the aesthetic side, reapplication of teak oil also gives the wood warm earthly finish.
  • 3. Where is authentic Teak cultivated from?
    Authentic Teak, commonly called "Burmese Teak" goes by the scientific genus Tectona and there are three species under it: T. hamiltonia (Myanmar), T. philippinensis (Philippines, currently threatened by habitat loss), and T. grandis (India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh). Among the 3 species, T. grandis has the widest girth, as such, they are also being cultivated in various countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Out of these countries, not only does Indonesia produce the highest quality of Teak, but she also had meticulously implemented various government Teak plantation programs to ensure continuous supply of the prized teak timber without destroying her natural rain forests. Linden Teak Furniture's raw teak lumbers come from these strictly regulated, government owned Teak plantations in Indonesia. ​For centuries, Teak has grown into a worldwide favorite. With its superb stability, good strength properties, easy workability—and most of all, its outstanding resistance to decay and rot—it’s no wonder that Teak ranks among the most desired lumbers in the world. Because of such prestige, the moniker “Teak” has been widely affixed to a number of different woods seeking acclaim by taking a wood bearing any degree of resemblance to Teak and insert a geographical location in front of the name. For instance, Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata) takes on the name "Brazilian Teak" and the Zambesi Redwood (Baikiaea plurijuga) take on the name "Rhodesian Teak". On both cases, they bear little relation to real Teak genus — Tectona.
  • 4. What is wood movement?
    In all wood solid wood species, variation in atmospheric humidity brings about expansion and contraction of wood, as such, cracking may result. Despite industrial kiln drying to evaporate the natural water content and minimize dimensional changes of wood, the degree of air moisture on where the wood is subsequently placed can still affect absorption (high air humidity) and release (low air humidity) of wood fibers. The air humidity of the Indonesia where the items are kiln dried is approximately 13-14%. In the Philippines, it is 11-12%. As such, wood movement may occur. In line with this, Linden Teak Furniture takes into consideration potential wood movement. For more info, kindly message our CSR or read on regarding our Warranty Policy.
  • 5. Why is my Teak furniture one of a kind?
    While the design might be similar, no two solid teak items are exactly the same. The natural intricate grains, knots and hue of teak lumber differ from one another. These unique physical attributes give teak its unparalleled beauty. Furthermore, each item is also exclusively handcrafted by master artisans.
  • 6. Why doesn't my Teak furniture have varnishes or polyurethane or harsh chemical wood treatments?
    Teak is one of the few lumber that may be used raw because it doesn't need to be treated for termites and pests., Varnishes and polyurethane are plastic polymers that is harmful to the craftsman during the application process and is also harmful to the client in the long run because it has a tendency to chip off gradually. Those small fragments may accidentally be inhaled or ingested. Taking these into consideration, Linden Teak Furniture generally use on N. Cellulose for the Gold Teak Series and doesn’t use any finishing for the Ecowood Series. Outdoor exposure washes off all kinds of finishing.
  • 7. Why are there visible wood pores on my Teak furniture?
    The topcoat used for the Linden Teak Furniture Gold Teak Indoor Series is N. Cellulose. It adds a semi gloss sheen for easy keep up and doesn't occlude the wood pores. Being crafted from older timber and thus sturdier, the Linden Teak Furniture Ecowood Outdoor Series doesn't have a top coat. Furthermore, all top coats gets washed off when placed outdoors. Having uncovered pores simulates using actual wood, not the usual "wood coated with plastic".
  • 8. Why is the price tag of my Teak furniture more affordable than that of the standard global market rate?
    Since established 1997, the goal of Linden Teak Furniture is to offer the best Win-Win home improvement experience to economic and practical home owners around the world thru our cost efficient and long-term money saving solid teak wood masterpieces. Our raw materials are directly sourced from the Indonesian government and we have our own factory overseas. As such, we can offer you factory prices since there are no middlemen nor retailers involved. Teak has been regarded as the global standard for furniture durability and decay resistance since ancient times. Because of this, a hefty price tag has always been associated with Teak timber, especially among Western and European wood aficionados. As such, it has been always being labeled as a “luxury item” exclusively for the upper class. In order to “Democratize” Teak, Linden Teak Furniture came up with a simple, practical, and flexible approach to give you the lowest possible price by lowering all the possible unnecessary costs. ​Since teak is one of the rare lumbers that may be used without top coat and the finishing is but for aesthetic purpose, N. Cellulose is only used on functionally visible surfaces for the Linden Teak Furniture Gold Teak Series, while the Linden Teak Ecowood Series has no top coat. This, lowers the finishing expenses by 15-35%. Thus subsequently lowering the product price.
  • 9. What is ThermaCOOL?
    ThermaCOOL Technology is an innovative approach to facilitate air circulation, which is quite important for chairs and stools. Most people spend most of their time sitting. And when we sit on upholstered leather, foam with fabric, plastic, plastic-covered (such as items with varnish or polyurethane finished seats), the part of our bodies that is in contact with the said surface rapidly accumulates heat despite being in a cool environment, and various clinical studies has linked this to male infertility. ThermaCOOL is breathable technology that slows down heating up of contact surfaces in cool environment.
  • 10. How long can my Teak furniture last?
    With proper care, your Teak furniture can last a hundred years or more. In line with this, Linden Teak Furniture hopes that you can pass down your teak furniture to your children and your child’s children. In general, Linden Teak Furniture Gold Teak Indoor Series require very little care. But outdoor teak requires a bit more. Fo samples of still standing Teak structures, kindly refer to About Teak and Us. For more information, kindly message our CSR or read on Furniture Care and Maintenance.
  • 11. How do I care for outdoor Teak?
    Wash and scrub outdoor teak furniture with little soap and water to get rid of the accumulated surface dirt. Then, let the wood dry. If there are deep seated dirt or discoloration, you may opt to lightly sand using 1000 grit in the direction of the grain. Remove any remaining dust or residue prior to applying 3 teak oil. Let it completely dry and saturate the wood before applying a second coat. Kindly take note that the only Ecowood outdoor series is advisable for outdoor without roof. Gold Teak indoor Series is advisable indoors or outdoors with roof. In both cases, proper maintenance is necessary for reinforcement. For more information, kindly message our CSR or read on Outdoor Teak Care and Maintenance.
  • 12. How does warranty work?
    Linden Teak Furniture offers 1 year warranty on materials and repair labor on factory defect and damage brought about by normal use and an extended 15 years warranty on repair labor, provided that proper maintenance has been done by the client. Please take note that it doesn’t cover transportation of the item. The client has to bring the damaged item to the main office and pick up the item once the repair has been done. Please also take note that improper usage, inadequate maintenance, and manipulation outside the main office voids the warranty. For more information, kindly message our CSR or read on regarding our Warranty Policy.
  • Where are your stores located?
    🌿 Pitimini, Quezon City (Main office) Landline: 83722892 / 72554074 Mobile: 0999-8891354 / 0999-8891362 🌿 2nd Floor, CW Home Depot, Commonwealth, Quezon City Landline: 83524245 Mobile: 0999-8891403 Kindly call the outlet prior to dropping by for their opening hours and to ensure that the specific item you want to see is available for viewing. This is because some clients immediately pick up the display units upon purchasing. :)
  • 13. How does shipping/delivery work?
    For items purchased directly from us, we can deliver to several serviceable areas. Delivery charge is dependent on destination and items purchased. For items purchased thru various online platforms, the delivery is handled by the said online platform. Any delivery charges are paid to the said online platform and their affiliated courier. For items to be locally shipped, we have tie up couriers who can service several ports and major cities. The delivery charges are computed accordingly by the freight forwarder based on the size, weight, and destination of the item. If you have a preferred courier, kindly let us know so that we can help you book with them. For items to be internationally shipped, we can help you arrange with several couriers. The delivery charges are computed accordingly by the freight forwarder based on the size, weight, and destination of the item. If you have a preferred courier, kindly let us know so that we can help you book with them. International tariff, taxes, etc.. will be shouldered by the client. Kindly take note that the standard shipping packaging of the items are in stretch film and/or corrugated board and/or bubble wrap. The standard delivery packaging of the items are in stretch film. In cases that the client prefer crates, we have a tie up crate provider. The crating charges are computed accordingly by our crate provider based on the size of the item and on the preference of the client (full crate or edge crate). As such, shipping, delivery, and crating services are charged and are to paid separately from the check out amount. For more information, kindly message our CSR.
  • How can I talk to a Customer Service Representative ASAP?
    Kindly contact +639178135200 / +639999900737 thru call, text message, viber or whatsapp. The personnel in charge will assist you as soon as possible. :)
  • Do you do customizations?
    Yes, we can do solid teak wood customized pieces. For customization requirements and procedure, kindly refer to this link: Kindly take note that the manufacturing department only entertains customization inquiries with complete requirements submitted as they receive a lot of inquiries on a daily basis. :)
  • 14. Can I request for a customized furniture?
    We have our own factory overseas so we can customize any solid teak wood item. The lead time is usually 3-4 months for the item to be brought to our main office. Kindly provide us with the dimensions, quantity, photo, and complete delivery address for accurate quotation. We can also apply wood stains to change the color of the furniture. For more information, kindly message our CSR.
  • Can I request for a quotation?
    Yes, our website automatically generates an Quotation Form that doubles as an Order Form. Upon checkout, kindly choose "Offline Payment" as mode of payment to generate an Order Form. If you wish to push thru with the transaction, kindly settle the payment within 3 days, otherwise the system will automatically cancel the the Quotation Form.
  • How to avail of FREE delivery?
    The system automatically waives one way delivery charge for single transactions amounting to at least Php 20,000.00 within 15km radius from the Main Office. If the order doesnt meet that requirement, the land travel delivery charge is dependent on the number of km from the main showroom to the delivery location. Kindly refer to this link for more info: :)

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