card payments

1. Click the cart icon.

2. Click "view cart".

3. after confirming and agreeing, click "Checkout"

4. Fill up the customer details, then click "continue"

5. fill up the billing address and click "Continue"

6. check the boxes after reading their contents and click "Continue".  take note of your total of your order.

7. take note of your total of your order and click the "click here" button

8. choose the payment method of your choice and input the necessary details.


kindly make sure that all the data entered is correct and accurate, especially the amount. it is necessary for both the amount you entered and the total in the order form to be the same for your transaction to be processed by the account department.

furthermore, as stated on the checkout page, the service charges of payment routes are non-refundable since those are paid to third party service providers. 



Landline: (+63) 89218037 /(+63) 74137278

Viber: (+63) 9338549539

Mobile: (+63) 9178835200

Mobile: (+63) 9338549539


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