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Plant It     Forward


The Plant It Forward Initiative is the Linden Family's humble way of giving back to the society, helping out hardworking entrepreneurs, as well as conservation and protection of nature. 

Since the company's establishment more than 20 years ago, the company's core foundation has been simple: WIN-WIN. This means there's mutual benefit for both parties involved. This is the reason why the company sells the cheapest teak furniture in the country, why the company only uses plantation derived teak that doesn't harm natural rain forests, why the company doesn't use harmful varnishes, and why the company prefers channel its resources to provide income to handcrafting furniture carpenters instead of industrial mass production machines.

The company wishes to extend this WIN-WIN credence to hardworking individuals who neither beg nor passively ask for alms, but rather do their best to swim against the tide and give it their all, because the company places them in the pedestal of highest respect.



Organic Farmer's Market at Linden Teak

The company advocates a wholefood plant based lifestyle that provides sustainable livelihood to local farmers and unquestionable health to consumers. As such, the company decided to encourage this movement by allowing the local farmer's to use the company's alloted premises for FREE. By buying directly from the farmers, you'll be able to meet to hardworking individuals who produce your food and buy them at a low price. The farmers, on the higher hand, will be able to sell the produce and have a better profit than transactions passing thru middlemen.


Pabili Service ni Misis

This movement is intended to help out the hardworking wives of the Linden Teak Staff who are currently unemployed. All proceeds from this will be distributed amongst to the said wives who participated in this initiative.


The GREEN HOME Project

As part of the company's initiative to encourage consumers to have indoor plants as natural and functional air-purifying home accents along with the usage of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly wares, the company decided to express support to the hardworking indoor plants and natural home ware entrepreneurs by opening all of our showroom doors to them to showcase their products for FREE and sell them. No need to pay rental nor display fees. 



The Linden Organic Farm

As part of the company's advocacy to whole food plant based lifestyle, the company decided to venture into sustainable and ecological farming practices, so as to provide livelihood for displaced yet hardworking farmers and to deliver the most nutrient dense produce directly to consumers in the lowest price possible. 

farm reserve.jpg

The Linden Farm Animal Sanctuary

This initiative is greatly influenced by and dedicated to the Boddhisattva of Compassion, Avalokiteśvara.   In Tibet, he is known as Chenrezig, and in Cambodia as Avloketesvar. In Chinese Buddhism, Avalokiteśvara has evolved into the somewhat different female figure Guanyin, also known in Japan as Kanzeon or Kannon. In Nepal Mandal he is known as Jana Baha Dyah, Karunamaya, Seto Machindranath.


The Linden Tree Preservation Project

The company believes that trees are essential for a healthy ecosystem. The outmost challenge for urbanization is the preservation of nature. There are a lot of tress that have lived before us and are destined to outlive us. However, most of these wild magnificent giants are being cleared out for modernization and commercialization. It doesn't have to be this way. These amazing trees can live side by side with the developing economy.



The Linden Healthy Juan Project

One of the reasons why licensed medical doctors, despite their innate and unfaltering desire to help others, are greatly pressured to charge high professional fees is because they have to worry about covering for their expenses, such as hospital shares, rent, etc... Because of this, the company intends to offer a quaint clinic consultation space for FREE for such kind-hearted doctors so that they can still earn a living by charging a reasonable yet lower professional fees while doing their life advocacy of helping more of our kababayans.


#KaisaKontraKorona Project

No one expected the onslaught of the Coronavirus Pandemic that swept the nation like an unstoppable typhoon. As a result, there were a lot of our Kababayans who ended up sick, scared, cold and hungry. At the same time, this paved way to the birth of modern heroes in scrubs and uniforms. The company was touched by the #KaisaKontraKorona Project initiated by Kaisa Para sa Kaunlaran Inc. In order to donate funds for this noble cause, the company launched The Bayanihan Sale 2020, wherein the company pledges 10% of its net profits during this time of crisis.

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