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Pabili Service

Ni Misis


In as much that the company wishes that you drop by in person to see and purchase directly from local farmers, we understand that for some reason or another, you have other more important errands to attend to. 

Because of this, the housewives of some of our staff came up with Pabili Service ni Misis. These hardworking but currently unemployed wives and mothers will be able to aid you in buying the organic fruits and vegetables you want. Kindly take note that since this service requires effort from these hardworking ladies, the produce prices were minimally adjusted to compensate for their exertions. In a way, you are also helping them. :)

But before we go any further, kindly take note of the following:

1. The Pabili Service ni Misis is strictly limited to buying produce from the Organic Farmer's Market at Linden Teak. The buyer has to book his/her own shipping courier like lalamove or grab. The Pabili Service ni Misis and the local farmers are not liable for damages during the transport. 

2. Kindly take note that organic produce have no preservatives. It also doesn't have wax sprays to prolong the shelf life. As such, time is very important. The Pabili Service ni Misis and the local farmers are not liable for damages brought about by delays in pick up. 

3. In line with this, only transactions and payments credited to the assigned bank account prior the cut off will be processed. These hardworking farmers came all the way from their respective provinces to sell their produce and these hardworking housewives are exerting their efforts. As such, a set up like this can somewhat screen serious buyers who place value on their efforts.

4. As of the moment, payment is strictly limited to bank transfers the assigned bank account on the Checkout/Payment Page. This is to facilitate the reimbursement of payment to the local farmers and the Pabili Service ni Misis participants.

5. Items are subject to availability and prices may vary without prior notice depending on the local farmer.

6. The company allowed Pabili Service ni Misis to have this webpage access to their online store system to faciliate the compilation and computation of online orders. However, the company's standard checking out policies do not apply to the Pabili Service ni Misis. Kindly read the Pabili Service ni Misis Checkout/Payment instruction.

7. For problems regarding return and exchange, the buyer personally has to go to the Organic Farmer's Market at Linden Teak (Aragon semi-covered parking space, Linden Teak Building, 39 Pitimini corner Aragon St., San Francisco Del Monte, Brgy. Paltok, Quezon City) on the same day to the same farmer prior to the culmination of the event to have them exchanged because there is no guarantee that the same farmer will be present on the next Organic Farmer's Market Event.

If you agree with these stipulations, kindly proceed to the produce gallery. :)



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