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Forest Path

Since 1997, Linden Teak Furniture has been offering the best Win-Win home improvement experience to economic and practical home owners around the world thru our cost efficient and long-term money saving naturally termite proof and naturally water resilient solid teak wood masterpieces.


Each piece is personally handcrafted by master artisans, as such, no two pieces are exactly alike. Add the unique intricate Teak grains and knots, and you get the unparalleled value of one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


No Harmful synthetic varnishes nor polyurethane were used for they are hazardous to both the craftsman and the user. They chip off over time, the particles of which may be deposited in the lungs after being inhaled or ingested. For the Gold Teak Indoor Series, N. Cellulose topcoat is used on functionally visible surfaces to add a bit of semi-gloss finish. The ECOWOOD series doesn’t utilize a topcoat.


The abundance of natural oils and resins embedded right into the very dense and very tight grains of the wood give Teak its exceptional outdoor exposure durability and water submersion resilience. As such, teak is widely utilized in luxury yachts and outdoor garden furnishings. Furthermore, it also imparts natural termite protection, along with its anti-fungal and anti-parasitic functions. Moreover, solid teak timber is also a natural fire retardant.

Only the finest and sturdiest mature plantation teak timber are immortalized to wooden masterpieces. You can be rest assured that no virgin rainforest was harmed for your furniture’s harvest. Moreover, studies by Research Chemist Sam Williams and Botanist Regis Miller of the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin have proven that plantation teak is similar to wild grown teak.

15 Year Labor Repair Service Warranty is provided with your every purchase to help you ensure that you can leave your furniture to your later generations. This provides assurance against damage brought about by proper normal use and factory defect (materials and transportation not included), provided that proper maintenance has been done by the client. Moreover, this also covers the natural cracking brought about by the expansion and contraction of the water molecules within the wood fibers in relation to environmental humidity adaptation. Just provide us with the complete transaction details and drop off the item in the main warehouse in Quezon City. We will contact you once the item has been repaired and is ready for pick up.

Ray of Light
Misty Sunbeams

Teak has been regarded as the global standard for furniture durability and decay resistance since ancient times. Because of this, a hefty price tag has always been associated with Teak timber, especially amongst western and European wood aficionados. As such, it has been always been labeled as a luxury item exclusively for the upper class. In order to “Democratize” Teak, a simple, practical, and flexible approach is applied so as to give you the lowest possible price by lowering all the possible costs.

Since teak is one of the rare lumbers that may be used without top coat and the finishing is but for aesthetic purpose, N. Cellulose is only used on functionally visible surfaces for the Gold Teak Series, while the Ecowood finishing is served without a top coat. This, lowers the finishing expenses by 15-35%. Thus subsequently lowering the product price.


Teak is a timeless, classy and decoratively coherent piece. As such, it can easily go with any set up theme – modern, or classic, or futuristic, or retro, or Scandinavian, or rustic, etc… Just accessorize with a bit of props.

Teak is also a sturdy fixture that it could last decades to centuries with proper maintenance. It goes against the rampant continuous consumeristic cycle of “buy and dispose.” Since your furniture is crafted from plantation harvested (thus preserving natural forests) teak that you can keep for a long, long, long time (thus lessening wastes), Mother Earth will be ultimately grateful to you.

ThermaCOOL TM Technology is an innovative approach to facilitate air circulation, which is quite important for chairs and stools. We spend most of the time sitting. And when we sit on upholstered leather, foam with fabric, plastic, plastic-covered (such as items with varnish or polyurethane finished seats), the part of our bodies that is in contact with the said surface rapidly accumulates heat despite being in a cool environment, and various clinical studies has linked this to male infertility. ThermaCOOL TM is breathable technology that slows down heating up of contact seat surfaces in cool environment.

Forest Trees
Flowers on Wood

Protecting wooden furniture requires constant application of weatherproofing treatments; not so with teak.

Unlike other wood, teak may be utilized without finishing, in which the wood will naturally age to a pleasing silver gray.

Over time, teak tends to lighten when exposed to sunlight, fading from a golden buttery brown to a lighter shade with distinct silver overtones. Some owners consider this aging process to be desirable and prefers aged teak to fresh wood. Properly maintained teak furniture does not lose any of its strength nor resiliency as the color changes.


The wood should occasionally be maintained with teak oil when placed outdoors, resulting in a pleasant, somewhat warm earthly bland finish. Application of teak oil also reinforces the natural water resistance and natural termite resistance of teak wood.

teak maintenance printout.png
  1. Try to work in the shade

  2. Apply your cleaning solution to the teak with a garden sprayer

  3. Spray the entire table, including the underside, and keep it wet with the solution for at least 15 minutes

  4. Using a nylon bristle brush, scrub the mixture into the wood and across the grain. If you scrub with the grain, it can tear the wood fibers, leaving the surface rough and vulnerable to the elements.

  5. A green scrubbing pad works well in nook and crannies where the brush cannot reach.

  6. Work in sections small enough that the solution will not dry. Leave the mixture on the wood for 15 minutes, and scrub on more solution to areas that begin drying during this time.

  7. Rinse the teak with clean water. Use a soft-bristled brush as you rinse to remove any residual stubborn dirt.

  8. Allow the teak to dry for about 24 hours. If it is still dark or stained, mix 1/2 cup of oxalic acid into a gallon of hot water and apply to the wood with a nylon scrubber.

  9. Let the mixture sit for about 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse and repeat if staining is still present.

  10. Let the wood dry 24 to 36 hours before applying teak oil.

  11. Apply a second coat of teak oil after the initial coat has completely dried.

Teak has been used as a boat building material for over 2000 years as evidenced by an archeological dig in Berenike, a port in the Indian Roman Trade because of its uncanny ability to ward of wood decay.


It’s partly for the same reason that the Dutch invaded Indonesia in the 1800s to utilize the archipelago’s natural teak resources to build large boats.


*U-bein Bridge, Landmark of Amapura. 


     Crossing half submerged in the naturally beautiful Taungthaman Lake from East to West, the more than a century year old historical U-Bein Bridge stands one of the most popular heritages in Myanmar. Towering at a length of 1.2 km and composed of 1,086 Teak pillars, this massive wooden architecture boasts as the world’s existing longest wooden Bridge. 

*Noah's Ark, Genesis 6:14, The Message (MSG) Bible

     Moreover, Surah 29:15 of the Quran refers to it as a safina, an ordinary ship, and surah 54:13 describes the ark as "a thing of boards and nails". Abd Allah ibn Abbas, a contemporary of prophet Muhammad, wrote that Noah was in doubt as to what shape to make the ark, and that Allah revealed to him that it was to be shaped like a bird's belly and fashioned of teakwood.


*Rolls Royce (Phantom Drophead Coupe)

     The Rolls Royce Ghost Series uses teak interiors to add a home feel to this century old British ultimate status badge for the haute monde. Even the finest and rarest Phantom Elite and Phantom Drophead Coupe from the Rolls Royce Phantom Zenith Collection, which is strongly influenced by the J-class racing yachts of the 1930s, also utilize teak on its interiors to give that natural luxurious feel.

*Royal Vivanmek Palace


     The over a century old Royal Vimanmek Palace by King Rama V in Bangkok, Thailand is made entirely of teak lumber. It still stands today and is visited by millions of tourists as national heritage site. The palace is now a major tourist attraction and is the world's largest teakwood mansion.


*Maha Waiyan Bontha Bagaya Monestary


     This almost semi-millennial teak monastery in Mandalay, Burma (currently known as Myanmar) was constructed on 1593 with 267 gigantic teak wood posts. This ancient landmark still stands today and is visited as a national heritage site.

*Edwin Fox Warship

     Edwin Fox, the only surviving transport ship that carried settlers to both Australia and New Zealand and carried troops in the Crimean War is made principally of teak lumber. She was built in Calcutta, India in 1853 and this fully functional piece of history is currently dry-docked at The Edwin Fox Maritime Centre at Picton, New Zealand.


* Photos and videos are credited to their respective owners.

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