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1. Only completely filled up CUSTOMIZATION QUOTATION FORM (below) plus the E-MAILED PHOTO (with complete dimensions indicated) of the item to be customized emailed to will be accommodated.

2. We only customize solid teak wood. No other wood.

3. By default, it is customized in Gold Teak Series for Indoor use, and in Ecowood Teak Series for Outdoor use. If you have other specifications, kindly indicate on the form.

4. Customization requires 3-4 months lead time as your item is being manufactured by our factory overseas. It also requires 50% non-refundable down payment and the transaction is not subject to cancellation. This is because customized items are specifically handcrafted based on the specifications by a specific client. If you are unsure, it would be better to purchase readily available designs.

5. Customized items are more expensive than readily available ones because all the overhead costs such structuring rendering, etc... of that customized item will be shouldered solely by that customized item. If you are on a budget, a readily available design will be more cost efficient. 

6. Planks have a minimum of 100 units.

Customization Quotation FORM
Mode of Transportation

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