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Mamapi, our resident native pig enjoying her after rain mud roll


Animal Sanctuary

Established in June 18, 2020, the Linden Animal Sanctuary exists alongside the Linden Organic Farm and aims to provide refuge to rescued farm animals from slaughter houses. This humble project was inspired by and dedicated to the Boddhisattva of Compassion, Avalokiteśvara. This Embodiment of Compassion  is known by many names, including Guan Yin or Guan Se Yin Pu Sa (China, Taiwan, Hongkong), Kanon or Kanzeon (Japan), Gwanseeum Bosal (Korea) , Phra Avalokitesuan (Mongolia), Chenrézik (Tibet), Quán Tự Tại Bồ Tát or Quan thế âm Bồ tát or Quan âm Bồ tát or Phật Bà (Vietnam), Lokanat (Burma), and Jana Baha Dyah or Karunamaya or Seto Machindranath (Nepal).

UPDATE AS OF 6/28/2020

As we have not raised enough funds to rescue them in time, we have been informed that these 2 ladies have been sold by their owner to another. We hope that wherever they are now, they are living happy, free, sheltered and full.

We would like to express our most sincerely gratitude to the individuals who had shown support by purchasing organic mangoes to this cause. 


Linden Animal Sanctuary is fully dependent on the proceeds from the Linden Organic Farm for the sustenance of  the needs of our rescued animals. 

If you wish to help with this cause, kindly purchase produce from the Linden Organic Farm. We are selling our Organic Mangoes at 50% off


In the Karandavyuha Sutra, Avalokiteśvara is called "The One With A Thousand Arms and Thousand eyes" because she vowed to never rest until she had freed all sentient beings from saṃsāra or cycle of rebirth. Despite strenuous effort, she realized that there were still many unhappy beings yet to be saved. After struggling to comprehend the needs of so many, her head split into eleven pieces. The Buddha Amitābha, upon seeing her plight, gave her eleven heads to help her hear the cries of those who are suffering. Upon hearing these cries and comprehending them, Avalokiteśvara attempted to reach out to all those who needed aid, but found that her two arms shattered into pieces. Once more, Amitābha came to her aid and appointed her a thousand arms to let her reach out to those in need.

The Linden Animal Sanctuary, in our little and humble way, hopes to serve even just as a tiny and insignificant vassal of Avalokiteśvara's embodiment of compassion to these farm animals who have no means to protect themselves from slaughter.


Linden Family Rescues

They are "SOMEONE", not "SOMETHING"

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