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ITEM: Organic Mango (Big)

SOURCE: Pre-existing natural mango trees in the Linden Organic Farm, Bulacan


About this product:

  • Absolutely no chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides,  nor preservatives used
  • Mango trees bore fruit thru the natural way (no forced induction)
  • Best eaten unripe or made into picked mangoes (burong mangga)
  • Natural semi-wrinkly skin
  • Does not ripen uniformly (no calcium carbide nor kalburo nor ethylene gas treatments) and does not turn completely yellow when ripe 
  • Biggest size a natural, non-induced organic mango tree can bear (relatively smaller when compared to commercially produced, synthetic chemically induced ones) 

Organic Unripe Mango (Big) per Kilo

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₱89.00Sale Price
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